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early. they'll set the stage for the vice presidential debate. i am bill o'reilly. thanks again for watching us. please always remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you >> welcome to the first and only vice-presidential debate between congressman paul ryan and vice-president joe biden. i'm live in the spin room at centre college in denville, kentucky. i'm bret baier. inside the debate hall, it's an intimate setting, the same stage where joe lieberman debated in 2000. there is a lots of excitement and anticipation from both sides, with many democrats expecting vice-president biden,
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an experienced debater to try to go on the offensive to make up for the lackluster performance of president barack obama. for paul ryan, it's his first debate on the national stage. the budget wizz is described by many as comfortable in his own skin when it comes to describing the weeds of budget policy. but how comfortable he is in defending romney policies across the board in depth is really tonight's test. the moderator, senior foreign affairs correspondent. martha raddatz. the debate will focus on a host of issues. but since foreign policy is her strength, the going bet here is that she starts with that. >> we will find out in just a moment. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes and former howard dean campaign manager, joe trippi. gentlemen, what should we be looking for! joe? >> ryan is trying to keep the momentum of mitt romney. biden wants to stop it cold. that's going to be difficult for him to do in the way this format is, both of them sitting at a
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table. it's tougher to get aggressive in that situation. but i expect that won't stop him from trying. so i think that's what weare going to look at, particularly women. i think both campaigns will be try being to -- romney really close with women after the last debate. i think that's going to be the battleground, i expect,ats least. we'll see. >> i think we know what to expect from paul ryan. paul ryan, even before he was picked as mitt romney's runningmate was making the argument what the country needed was a choice. this is going to be two alternative visions of two futures for the country. it wasn't going to be a referendum. i expect paul ryan to lay out that choice. the big question for me is what joe biden is going to do. is he going to try on his own to reverse the momentum, as joe suggests, being aggressive, going after paul ryan? or play the role of elder statesman, let the debate come to him and attack paul ryan when he has an opportunity. >> more along the lines of what he did four years ago.
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stick around after the debate for a complete analysis. and we are partnering with twitter, an online service that lets you chat with short messages, in case you didn't know that. they are monitoring the millions of tweets sent before and after the debate. we will highlight the moments that got the most people tweeting. follow me and bret on twitter. we will be sending out behind-the-scenes shots. >> did@nana sign up. >> somebody tried to coopt that. >> chris wallace has thoughts on tonight's debate. chris? >> reporter: i have been doing some reporting today, bret. i talked to top officials from both campaigns. surprisingly, interestingly, both sides describe what is going to happen tonight in almost identical terms. both camps say look for biden to go hard after the romney/ryan ticket to say they are hiding what they really stand for, they are more conservative and more
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extreme than they are telling voters. both sides say look for ryan to go big in it debate, to say that voters face a big choice between what obama is offering them and what romney is offering them. finally, both sides say, let's be honest, vice-presidential debatings have a very limed impact on the outcome of the campaign, but with tens of millions of people watching, both sides say they are taking this seriously. >> all right, chris. we will have the analysis after the debate. again, this is 90 minutes. it is going to be interesting to watch. a lot of people expecting fireworks early. the format is foreign policy, domestic policy. and it will be broken up into segments, so we could see back and forth. but how it's organized, really, will be up to both candidates. >> similar to the way in denver, the candidates will be given the chance to give their two-minute answers and then they are supposed to have a back and forth, like we saw in denver, where they get to speak to one

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